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My name is Jakub Orisek, also known as James Qube, and I am a travel photographer based in Rottweil, Germany.

I have been passionate about photography since 2013, and my focus has always been on capturing the beauty of the world around us.

My travels throughout Europe have allowed me to capture stunning landscapes, vibrant cityscapes, and the wonders of nature in all their glory. I invite you to discover my photos and join me on my journey as I explore best places in the world through my lens.


Qube’s Pictures, An der Halde 41, 78628 Rottweil, Germany

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  • Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 Oberbaumbruecke in the evening – river lights long exposure
    Berlin Oberbaum Bridge in early summer evening after sunset. Long exposure of the river Spree and the famous bridge from […]
  • Stuttgart
    Location: Germany Stuttgart is the capital of the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart has numerous parks that run through […]
  • Memmingen
    Location: Germany (Memmingen, Allgäu, Bayern / Bavaria) Memmingen is a Bavarian city located in the government district of Swabia. The […]
  • Birnau (Basilica)
    Location: Germany (Nussdorf / Uhldingen-Müllhofen, Baden-Württemberg) Basilica Birnau is a place of pilgrimage and baroque jewel on Lake Constance (Bodensee). […]
  • Schömberger Stausee
    Location: Schömberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Schömberger Stausee is a family friendly, idyllic place and bathing lake with many leisure attractions in […]
  • Lindau am Bodensee
    Location: Germany, Bayern (Bodensee – Lake Constance) Lindau is a city on Lake Constance in the German state of Bavaria. […]
  • Baden-Baden
    Location: Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Baden-Baden is a city in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It is located in the […]
  • Horn
    Location: Germany, Lake Constance (Bodensee) All Pictures on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.de/qubespictures/horn-bodensee/
  • Ludwigshafen
    Location: Germany, Lake Constance (Bodensee) All Pictures on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.de/qubespictures/ludwigshafen-bodensee/
  • Rottweil
    Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg All Pictures on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.de/qubespictures/rottweil/
  • Bad Wildbad
    Location: Germany, Baden Württemberg, Nordschwarzwald (Northern Black Forrest) All Pictures on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.de/qubespictures/bad-wildbad-schwarzwald/ The Town The spa town of Bad […]
  • Moos
    Location: Germany, Bodensee (Lake Constance) In the near of the city Radolfzell. Morning atmosphere at Lake Constance. Nature wakes up […]
  • San Vito Lo Capo
    Location: Italy, Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) San Vito Lo Capo is a coastal village and resort with beautiful […]
  • Mannheim
    Location: Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Mannheim is a city in southwestern Germany, located on the Rhein and Neckar rivers. There are […]