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Schömberger Stausee

Location: Schömberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Schömberger Stausee is a family friendly, idyllic place and bathing lake with many leisure attractions in the near of Schömberg town.

The Lake Area

The lake is surrounded by nature and at the edge you can see the town of Schömberg. Around the lake is a path that circles the entire dam. The path leads through the forest, along the dam, past kiosks, boat rentals and offers some seating along the way. On the main side of the dam is the green beach. Here is a lot going on in the summer.

The lake is a natural bathing lake. However, it is obviously not always possible to swim here. When I was here in the fall, there were signs indicating a possible danger from special toxic algae. However, there should be no danger from the boat.

Upper Side Area

Above the sea there are many recreational activities. If you take one of the narrow paths to the top, you will pass restaurants. In the immediate vicinity is the Miniature land, which consists of several human-sized old buildings (typical german architecture). In between there are attractions for children – carousel, swing, cable car, go-cart and more. The whole is surrounded by a miniature railroad, which runs around the miniature town.Next to it located throughout the area are some animal enclosures with alpacas, donkeys, ostriches, birds, rabbits and more. And there is still more to discover. Overnight accommodation in this place offers a campsite for tents or caravans.

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