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Bad Wildbad

Location: Germany, Baden Württemberg, Nordschwarzwald (Northern Black Forrest)

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The Town

The spa town of Bad Wildbad is located in a valley on the river “Große Enz”. It is perfect for a wellness vacation, weekend trip or short hiking vacation.

The Town of Bad Wildbad invites you to stroll through the main street or the picturesque alleys, it offers great shopping opportunities and recommendable restaurants. The spa park is excellent for a little time out

Mountain Railroad

The mountain railroad called “Sommerbergbahn” transports passengers from the city center up to the “Sommerberg” mountain.

Mountain Path

The path “Zick-Zack-Weg” up the mountain starts above the city center. The way up takes about 20-30 minutes. It leads along the mountain railroad through the forest. In the forest you can observe a lot – plants, mushrooms, moss, stones or the chirping of birds. At the top of the hill you come out right next to the mountain railroad station. There is good seating for a short break. There is also a possibility to dine or spend the night there.

On the Mountain

There are several hiking trails on the “Sommerberg” mountain including the magical forrest path called “Zauberwald”. Again and again there are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and forests. You can ride there on the adventurous mountain bike trail. The main attractions include the suspension bridge and a treetop trail

Treetop trail

With a total length of 1,250 meters, the path winds through the treetops at a height of up to 20 meters. At the end there is a 40 meter high lookout tower with a slide in the middle.

Suspension bridge

The “Wildline” is a pedestrian suspension bridge in the form of a rope bridge. It crosses the “Bärenklinge”, a small side valley from the “Sommerberg” to the southern end of Bad Wildbad.

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